Wayfinding systems


Wayfinding can be defined as spatial problem solving. It is knowing where you are in a building or an environment, knowing where your desired location is, and knowing how to get there from your present location. There are several principles that go into wayfinding, but our work focuses on the principles of architectural clues and signage. These features are information support systems to wayfinding. Users rely on these principles when making decisions about how to reach their destination. A good wayfinding system gives strong indicators of where the user is and how to get to her destination from her present location. Wayfinding problems occur when decisions cannot be executed. In a poor wayfinding system, the user does not have enough information to decide his or her course of action.

Ineffective wayfinding systems are very problematic for buildings because of the costs they can incur and the time that users devote to searching for a desired location. In an environment where bad wayfinding systems occur, people rely on the staff of the building to direct them to their destination. Further, users may also become so frustrated with the environment that they will not return. If a building has good wayfinding features, the user should have a positive experience when reaching their destination. The sign systems that we feature in our site can enhance their wayfinding features by looking at the properties and seeing how they can use them to assist individuals with finding their destinations.

Wayfinding Sign Systems

Carbonell can offer classic face-fitting components, the versatility of which can allow for entirely coordinated signage programmes to curved updateable systems which give an attractive new look to directional signage.

Vista System

Vista SystemVista System was originally designed as a sign frame holder for a wide range of applications. This feature gives Vista System a huge advantage over other sign systems. The system is designed to handle almost all the applications and materials used in the sign industry. This includes various materials made by many manufacturing techniques, such as printed-paper, engraved, embossed, screen-printed substrates, photo-metal, photo-polymer, vinyl graphics, photo-luminescent safety signs, Braille and tactile, and more. The materials used include polymers and metals of all types, plastics, paper, etc. Any application method, and any material characterised by flexibility and the right thickness, may be used as a sign insert with Vista System frames. Freestanding, wall-mounted, suspended or projecting, Vista signs put curves in all the right places.

Alusign System

Sistema AlusignAlusign is one of the leading suppliers of wayfinding signs in the world, offering a modular component, extruded aluminium wayfinding sign system. The company, located in Belgium, was founded in the nineties. Carbonell manufacture wayfinding systems using Alusign profiles since 2001, exploding all its possibilities.

The modular Alusign Indoor signage system breathes elegance and is entirely flexible in its installation. Its simplicity belies its functionality which guarantees efficient and precise information for the visitor. Its attractive design, while remaining discreet, ensures that it catches the eye and fits in perfectly in every institution or company.


Sistema SignkitSignkit components are designed with the versatility to provide simple but effective signage solutions. Signkit has an enviable pedigree, developed by two of the UK’s leading suppliers to the design industry that have combined simplicity and quality, and produced a range of components giving designers the power to create new and exciting architectural signage solutions. All components are designed with the versatility to provide simple but effective sign solutions. Signkit may be a door sign, directory or projecting sign. As well as informing, the sign is a key element in corporate image and makes a strong statement about an organisations commitment to quality and design.

Emergency and Safety Signs

Placas EmergenciaWe are a low cost supplier of Safety Signs and Safety products. Our range of safety signs include Danger Signs, Emergency Signs, Prohibition Signs, Warning Signs, Notice Signs, Exit Signs, mainly made from polystyrene and aluminium.