Illuminated and opaque exterior signs

Just a few aspects of the advertising world are as complex as signmaking; the profusion of signs in the big cities makes that many times his message was not noticed easily. Therefore, in the visual communication business the design of any sign is considered as important as the message itself. This is one of the symptoms that exterior communication has suffered in the last 15 years more changes than in all its history. Carbonell has the equipment, the manpower and the necessary knowledge to carry any signmaking project successfully, despite its complexity. We work with plastic materials like acrylics, PVC and polycarbonate sheets; metals like iron, aluminium, brass and steel. Our technical level, using last generation computerised sign systems, are joined with our excellent manual labour skills in finishing and installing the final product. Our works are illuminated with fluorescent lamps, halogen or incandescent bulbs, neon tube and modern LED engineering. Installations of all kind are carried out in all Spain. The fact of carrying out the whole process, since measurements and the first design until the final installation, allows us to control each one of the aspects of our work, guaranteeing a perfect finish just in time.

Illuminated signs


rotulo luminoso caja de luzBusiness signs are an important extension of any company; they inform the public not only of your presence, but also of your brand. Illuminated signs are the main callout of a business over the most part of their commercial schedule, when there is no exterior daylight, but their message also needs to be transmitted correctly during the rest of the day. The correct light system election, its good diffusion a regular electrical maintenance and its consumption are factors that the good sign manufacturer keep in mind when elaborates an illuminated sign.

We offer a wide variety of lighted signs in the outdoor lighted sign cabinet category, LED or neon illuminated dimensional letters, etc. Every light box and illuminated sign is manufactured to the highest quality within Spain and Europe and are CE certified for EU safety approval and manufactured for weather resistance.

Speak with one of our professional salespeople today and let us help you design the perfect illuminated sign for your business.

3D dimensional signs


rotulo corporeo 3DThe versatility of dimensional signs is enormous: with and without light, of small or great size, for interior or external uses, they are always integrated in the environment, and they offer an added point of elegance, when granting volume to the image that represent. Dimensional letters and logos, made in brass, aluminium or steel in the case of being metallic or different materials as PVC, acrylic or MDF, can have different finishes like lacquered paint, chromed, or varnished.

3D Metal Letters and Logos provide a sophisticated, professional, and distinctive image, unlike any other material. Whether you are looking to display your company name or logo on a corporate reception wall or lobby, outdoors on a monument sign or building facade, or in a retail establishment, cut metal letters are sure to make a powerful impression.

Precise, professional installation of your dimensional letter signage is just as important as its design and fabrication. In fact it may be more important. Installation is the final touch, and your image depends on it being done right.

Dimensional signs are one of our specialties since the volume allows us to play with the whole creative potential of the CAD / CAM equipment (routers, laser cutting machines etc.) available in our factory.

Electronic LED displays


pantalla electronica display ledsNew technological advancements in electronic message centres and LED sign illumination have created a whole new realm of possibilities for affordable advertising. When a business needs to show a lot of information to the public, in text format (for example, last offers or services), and other items like hour, temperature, etc… Often it uses an electronic LED sign, also known as programmable LED displays. They are PC programmable signs, that change information displayed using software of simple handling, or a special keyboard. They have different effects of text and graphic appearance, as well as of the possibility of programming the information according to the date, hour, etc. They have the added advantage of the movement, what confers him a supplementary attractiveness. Other advantages are their low level consumption in spite of their high brightness, and the great duration of their led lamps.