Residential & commercial awnings


The benefits of awnings go far beyond aesthetic appeal. They offer energy saving benefits as well as protect furniture, floors and carpets from fading caused by harsh Sun Rays. Solar radiation through glass is responsible for approximately 20 per cent of the load on air-conditioners. Engineer studies show that a fabric awning reduces heat gain from 55 to 77 per cent depending upon the direction of the window and time of the day.

Your patio, deck or terrace would be shaded from hot sun rays as well as provide out door protection during a rainy day for your entire family. Your guests would love to enjoy the outdoors under the lovely décor of your awning. Our complete range of standard and custom made awnings would provide you just that !

With a specialized department with nearly 20 years in the awning business, Awning Systems has accumulated thousands of satisfied customers. Carbonell fabricates, installs, maintains & repairs all types of awnings.

Open awnings

If the installation site is well protected – e.g. it is located in a niche or beneath a generous roof overhang – then open awning systems are a practical and economical method of providing a balcony or patio with shade, because the mechanisms and rollers remain exposed in these models.

 Cassette awnings

This practical awning style provides the perfect protection for the roller, cover and the complete arm system – because they are all stored in a closed cassette. When retracted, the moving arm part closes and seals the cassette: meaning that foul weather, wind and dirt stay out – and your markilux remains as attractive as it was on the day you bought it. Cassette awnings are the perfect choice if you want to provide the best protection for your favourite place in the world.

Pergola awnings

Pergola awning is a flexible, extendible weather protection system, covering up to 93 m², for restaurants and private use. Complete protection against sun, rain and snow thanks to the integrated textile cover.

Vertical blinds

Carbonell vertical cassette blinds are the easiest way to healthy doses of sunlight – so that you can get more enjoyment out of the good times in life! The reliable, polished engineering guarantees a problem-free assembly, and the high-quality materials and processing promise an extra long lifespan.


We use motors and other automation features supplied by Somfy and Selve with our awnings, although other motors are also compatible with our systems. Automation options include the choice between hard wired or remote control and the inclusion of sun, wind and timer systems to automate the retraction of awnings. Somfy and Selve products are backed by a 5 year warranty.