Outdoor promotional & decorative advertising: banners, billboards and vehicle signs


Outdoor advertising is experiencing a strong peak due to the restrictions that some products (alcoholic drinks, tobacco…) have today in other publicity channels, as the radio and the television; some examples are billboards, vehicle “wrapping”, giant size banners, floor graphics… joined to the “classics” that existed before like the small format posters used in the point of sale and real estate signs, for example.

Besides the facades, they exists multitude of outdoor spaces able of being transformed into an advertising support for a business: the vehicles of the company, the windows of a store or an office or the use of weather resistant displays are resources more and more used to attract the public’s attention.

There is no longer limit of size or colours: the large format solvent digital printing has made possible the realization from “midsize” POP posters and displays until banners made of canvas or PVC material (frontlit, backlit or mesh finishes). There are no longer limits, therefore, for any design idea.

Large format banners


pancarta PVCOur large format banners are printed on high quality material with premium outdoor inks, providing you a stunning visual with impact. These eye-catching custom banners are geared for outdoor promotions, special events, construction site banners and retail advertising.

Eye-catching designs and custom graphics work to enhance visual impact. A banner provides a flexible, portable and affordable way to put your message in many places. The versatility of banners, whether displayed horizontally, vertically, indoors or out, make them the ideal choice for just about any message you wish to convey.

Window signs


rotulacion cristales en viniloWindow signs invite your customers in by highlighting your product and service offerings – they give customers a preliminary idea of what to expect.

Think twice: wouldn’t be great if your sale window was the centre of all looks? Using large format digital printing we can make it possible! Adhesive vinyl graphics have infinity of applications: computer cut coloured decals, simulated etched glass graphics; photographic quality large format prints, opaque, translucent or microperforated images… All of this in permanent or removable adhesives for promotions, fixed outside or inside the glasses. We are only limited by your imagination… and the size of your windows.

Vehicle graphics, banners, and outdoor signage

The most effective mobile advertising

rotulacion vehiculos, rotulacion furgonetas, rotulacion con viniloVehicle graphics may be the best form of advertising you can buy!  Lowest cost, highest impact of any advertising medium.

Your car, truck, van or your entire fleet can be advertising for you at all hours of the day and night. During rush hour, in the parking lot or in a driveway, vehicle graphics are a smart advertising investment. Did you know that the average delivery truck makes 16 million visual impressions in a single year according to the American Trucking Association? Let Carbonell Signmakers use full colour digital vehicle graphics to turn your vehicle into a rolling billboard, building awareness for your company with every trip.

The style and type of graphic that can be applied to your fleet boost awareness and marketing power for your particular product or service.  And Carbonell graphics are unique to you and your business, increasing your visibility and separating you from the competition!

Print Quality

rotulacion vehiculos, rotulacion furgonetas, rotulacion con viniloFor all of our digital printing including car graphics, fleet graphics, vinyl wraps and floor graphics we use premium MacTAC materials. Moreover, we use matching solid laminates instead of liquid laminates that do not provide adequate protection. For spot coloured vinyl decals we use premium MacTAC or Avery hi-performance materials that provide a lasting (5-7 years or more manufacturers warranty) advertising on your vehicles.

Graphics Design and Installation for different makes and models

At Carbonell Signmakers, we carry templates for all the different vehicle makes and models that are available in the Spain. It doesn’t matter if your vehicles are all different. Our services can accommodate multiple makes and models. If you already have a design ready, our graphics department will make sure that it fits your particular vehicle. And, if you don’t have a design yet then we can definitely help you come up with a graphics design that will meet your advertising and branding strategy.

rotulacion vehiculos, rotulacion furgonetas, rotulacion con viniloInstallation

Installation is performed using standard installation procedures set out by major graphics corporations like MacTAC, Avery and Aserluz (Spanish National Signmakers Association).


If you are worried about how you would be able to take time out from your busy work schedule and get your vehicle over to us for graphics installation, DON’T WORRY! We will help you out with your scheduling and work around your busy schedules. We provide in-house, as well as, on-site installation in Madrid and surrounding areas.

Permanent vs. Temporary Graphics

Depending on your advertising campaign needs Carbonell is capable of providing both permanent and temporary graphics advertising. We do our best to carry the most up-to-date information about the different materials available in the market. And using this knowledge we come up with a material (permanent, removable or changeable) that best suits your advertising needs.